Declutter your life! 

ATTENTION - Special opening!!

The Declutter-Challenge will open its doors again.

Those who want to use the time to finally declutter their homes, now has the opportunity to do so!

You can still jump in.

Free your life and support other women!

You will change your life in only 10 minutes per day.

We will whirl through our homes and declutter like crazy ;) Let’s do it!

"Declutter your home and free your life!"

This is for you if...

you are familiar with these feelings:

  • In some ways we all have too much stuff. Don't we? The closets are full, the shelfs are stuffed because there is never the right time to declutter. Even though you know you would benefit greatly if you've decluttered your home.
  • You feel completely overwhelmed, unhappy and have no clue how to start.
  • In your busy life, clutter can accumulate imperceptibly, a piece at a time. And you have no time to tackle it.
  • On the other side consider the benefit of decluttering your home: How good it feels to be in a home in which you have room to breathe.
  • A home in which everything is in its place. Where, if you are looking for something, you know exactly where to find it. When everything is in order, you can appreciate what you have, and not feel so overwhelmed. Wouldn't that be great?

Declutter your life and support others at the same time!

We will support those who have less than they need

While we often have too much stuff, there are many people who don’t have what they need. That’s the reason why the declutter challenge is connected with fundraising.

10 % of every participant’s fee goes to Kiva. This money is not a donation because this money will be used to fund Kiva projects (in terms of micro loans).

So what is Kiva? It's an ingenious platform for micro loans. Kiva provides loans especially to women all over the world who can use these micro loans to build a livelihood,  save their families, escape poverty and send their kids to school.

Support is everything

An excellent motivation to declutter is to read and see the process performed by others.

Therefore, we have a secret Facebook group for you if you want to join. In this group we can exchange our experiences, share photos (before and after) and support each other.

I’m particularly pleased about this, because it’s so amazing to see what others are accomplishing.

These examples inspire us to achieve the same results for ourselves.

Everything is easier with others

When you're decluttering alone, it can often lead to paralysis which ends up with you doing nothing and you’re feeling overwhelmed.

But together everything is easier! It’s so relieving to see that you're not alone, that there are others in the same boat, all those fellow participants in the Declutter Challenge with the same hurdles to overcome.

Join us in the Declutter Challenge!

Sign up below to transform the way your home looks like and increase your satisfaction in only 10 minutes per day!

How does it work?

  • We whirl through our complete homes in these 6 weeks. Every week is dedicated to one room - the kitchen, the bedroom etc. For example: On every day in the kitchen-week you will get a special task in the kitchen.
  • On Monday it starts und you will get an email with the task for the day.
  • And then: Set your timer for 10 minutes and go!
  • If you want to continue to declutter after 10 minutes, perfect! If you don’t want to go any further, then you’ve made it for this day. It is possible to accomplish plenty of things in only 10 minutes.
  • And remember this: between EVERYTHING and NOTHING there is SOMETHING that we can do and this SOMETHING are our 10 minutes.
  • It's very nice to capture, "before" and, "after" photos, as you can really see the changes.
  • Sunday is free. This day serve us for reflection. You will receive a few questions to help with the reflection. I’m looking forward to your experiences and thoughts!
Andrea Potzler

I felt so much lighter!

There are several things I really enjoyed about the Challenge. I felt so motivated by being part of a supportive group of people who were having the same struggles with keeping their houses clean and in order. I also gained a lot from taking things one small step at a time. Ten minutes in this corner, another ten on that shelf and after a few weeks, I felt so much more in control of everything in the house.

For me it also made a difference on how I look at things I own and on how I spend my money. I fix things a lot more and don't throw them away, but I also give things away that I do not appreciate that much. And I know where everything is! Once the order is there, it is so much easier to keep it! 

I would recommend the challenge to anybody with little time who wants to make a change in their own living space to feel lighter and more comfortable and less overwhelmed by things that surround them.

Andrea Potzler

Be part of the female

Declutter Revolution!

In the last years since 2013 we decluttered tons of stuff.  The Challenge started with over 100 women  in Germany. Now we want women over the world to be part of this movement! 

In these years we supported together so many kiva projects and changed the world for women who are hustling to save their families and children against poverty.

You can be part of our community, too! Join us and make a difference in YOUR life and make a difference in the life of OTHERS.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is it essential to be a Facebook member to be part of the declutter challenge?

What if I miss a day or two?

What if I don’t have anything to do in a specific area for a task?

participant fee

49 €  (including 20 % for kiva!)

Join us in the Declutter Challenge!

Sign up below to transform the way your home looks like and increase your satisfaction in only 10 minutes per day!